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  • Data Engineers: The best friends of Data Scientists you forgot to hire.

    At the moment in Computer Science, there are two hot topics: AI and Blockchain. Behind these two buzzwords, there are industries striving to build successful products. Currently, I work in the sector often labelled as AI. Usually, it is also described with other terms like Machine Learning or Big Data. In this sector the currently most sought-after job is the...

  • Data Science I/O - A baseline benchmark for 2019

    Data Science and Machine Learning are tasks that have their own requirements on I/O. As many other tasks, they start out on tabular data in most cases. In contrast to a typical reporting task, they don’t work on aggregates but require the data on the most granular level. Some machine learning algorithms are able to directly work on aggregates but...

  • PyFlame: profiling running Python processes

    Identifying performance bottlenecks in long-running processes often involves careful instrumentation ahead or guessing where the root of the problem may be. A very welcome set of tools are the ones that help you diagnose problems of live systems without modifying them. One important tool I recently came across is the pyflame profiler.

  • Use Numba to work with Apache Arrow in pure Python

    Apache Arrow is an in-memory memory format for columnar data. In more “plain” English, it is a standard on how to store DataFrames/tables in memory, independent of the programming language. One of its most prominent uses is for the @pandas_udf decorator in Apache Spark to move data quickly between Scala and Python/pandas.