spotify- added to Gentoo Overlay

06 January 2013,

Some weeks ago Spotify released a preview of their new discovery features and gave some people the option to test it on Windows or Mac. Last Thursday they released their discovery features for the linux version.

As I have not yet found an updated ebuild for the new Spotify version, I made one on my own. It was not as simple as before as the Spotify package now installs everything in /opt/spotify/spotify-client (which is perfect for re-packaging). Using the current method of LD_PRELOADing works like a charm.

There are several ways to install the package:

  1. Use my overlay as described in the README and run emerge '=media-sound/spotify-'

  2. Download the ebuild directly and install it manually.


redis and hiredis added to Gentoo Overlay

While I was writing some more code for songride I felt that I should have the latest redis version installed. After running emerge '>=dev-db/redis-2.4.17' I was confronted with the following error message:


Songride Beta available for testing

About 3 years ago I made a little mashup using Ruby, Google Charts API and the API and a bit of magic that listed you from where your favorite artist were coming from. As an example this was the chart output for my favorite artists: